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What Scents Are A Perfect Match For Your Sign

What these scents say about you!

Choosing an exciting new scent to wear can be a fun and fresh way to change up your daily routine! But what do your favorite scents say about you and your personality? Today, we pair zodiac signs with their perfect scents and explore why they’re such great matches! What do you think, did we get yours right?

The Tigress is perfect for libras

Libra - Chic & Glam Luxe

Are you a lovely libra? Born between September 23rd and October 22nd of the year, libras embody the fun and cozy vibes of fall, all wrapped up in a loving, and beautiful human being! As extroverts, libras tend to make friends easily, because they are understanding and welcoming, which makes spending time with libras feel like being home. The perfect scent to match with libras is our Chic & Glam Luxe, with the warming scent of bergamot and the inviting scents of hibiscus flowers and morning dew.

Capricorns love the 4 Women Delicious scent!

Capricorn - 4 Women Delicious

Capricorns are the personification of girl boss vibes! These feisty ladies are born between December 21th and January 20th, meaning that they embody the festive, fun, and upbeat feeling of the holidays and the New Year! These ambitious ladies are driven and ambitious, but they also know how to celebrate when the time comes! Accentuate your celebration and ambitious fire with the Edp 4 Women Delicious scent, the Champagne rosé notes brighten the warmth of Queen Wood, white musk, and amber to create a beautifully dimensional scent, just like the woman wearing it!

Treat your favorite aquarius to the Cuba la Vida scent!

Aquarius - Cuba La Vida

If you’re a free-spirited and exciting aquarius, you know that you need a scent that’s as fun and fancy-free as you are! Born after capricorns, between January 21st and February 18th, these ladies love adventure, are clever free-thinkers, and are the most optimistic people you’ll meet. Because aquarius is a go-with-the-flow water sign, they don’t always stick with one thing constantly, and instead like to try new things and step out of their comfort zone. Our Cuba La Vida scent is perfect for aquarius ladies because it has a fresh and modern feminine scent with a twist of patchouli and the sweetness of a gourmand blend!

Pisces will love the O De La Vie scent from Frag Luxe!

Pisces - O De La Vie

Pisces, the fish, are ladies who know how to go with the flow, too! These ladies, born right after Aquarius between February 19th and March 20th, are emotionally attuned to just about everyone around them. Pisces can be sensitive, but they’re gracious girls who are creative and have the biggest imaginations! The perfect scent for these sweet, helpful ladies is the O De La Vie scent that has a spicy, floral fragrance from freesia paired with ginger and balanced with warm tones of amber.

Pick your perfect scent match for your personality today and shop through our online store of body sprays, perfumes, sanitizers, and so much more!