What Different Scents Say About You

What Different Scents Say About You

Which Perfume Should You Wear According to Your Star Sign

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All zodiac signs have their signature scent. As you may know, people with different star signs have different personalities. If you want to enhance the effects of your personality, you need the right scent to go along with it. Today, we’ll go over what different scents say about you and how you can find the perfect one according to your star sign.

Cuba chich/Aries star sign

Aries - Cuba Chich 100 ML Spray
A striking blend of citric and floral scents is bound to bring out the A-game of any Aries. Why? Because citrusy fragrances stimulate not only the body but the mind as well. Cuba Chich is made with a mix of orange, melon, and jasmine to complement the laid-back nature of Aries.

Cuba Blossom/Taurus star sign

Taurus - Cuba Blossom 100 ML Spray
The flower of Taurus is the rose. This means that perfumes with rosy scents will go hand in hand with your personality. Precisely, Tauruses have an affinity for tuberose and jasmine. Therefore, we present to you Cuba Blossom. Enriched with dominant hints of jasmine and tuberose, in addition to a pleasant garden fragrance, it’s the perfect perfume for a casual Taurus.


Princess Dreaming/Gemini star sign


Gemini - Princess Dreaming 200 ML Spray

Gemini truly adores spirited and light scents with slight citric undertones. Moreover, warm notes of amber are also harmonious with the Gemini mindset. For the Geminis out there, Fragluxe has Princess Dreaming. Princess Dreaming is the ultimate Gemini perfume with a captivating Freesia base and hints of ginger and amber.

Chic & Glam/Cancer star sign

Cancer - Chic & Glam My Garden 100 ML Spray

Cancers find beauty in simplicity. Cancer is related to white roses and lilacs, vanilla, sandalwood, lilies, and more in floral scents. If you’re a Cancer, you’re going to love Chic & Glam. It’s a vibrant mix of orange blossom, wild berries, honey, and other Cancer-favorite fragrances. These scents are bound to be a Cancer’s signature.

Whether you’re a Cancer, Gemini, Taurus, or Aries, Fragluxe has something for everyone. You can browse through our collection of serene perfumes and find your signature scent. 

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