Set Cuba Must Have Heartbreaker (L) 5 Pcs

EDP 100 ML + EDP 35 ML + EDP 15 ML + B/LOTION 200 ML + B/SPLASH 200 ML

This perfume has an arrangement of fragrance notes that include apple, mango, strawberry, freesia, red grapefruit, watery muget, linden blossom, musk, warm amber, tonka bean, and vanilla puddin, which makes it perfect for casual dates out with friends or time spent at the office.


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    Set Cuba City (L) 4X35 ML

    EDP 35 ML Spr. (Las Vegas, New York, Miami, Hollywood) 48 pcs/bx

    Cuba Las Vegas:

    This beautiful scent mixes the luscious aromas of fruits, florals, fragrant woods and vanilla to create the perfect addition to your daytime ensemble.

    Cuba New York:

    This fragrance has vanilla, sandalwood and patchouli that is mixed with a number of fruit fragrances, including peach and melon, to give you the right perfume for your next daytime adventure.

    Cuba Miami:

    This fragrance is a mix of apple, rose, jasmine and musk fragrances gives it a unique scent that is perfect for your next social event.

    Cuba Hollywood:

    This casual scent for women combines magnolia, tuberose, vanilla-infused musk, sandalwood, jasmine, and pear into a seductive blend that is perfect for sophisticated women everywhere.

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    Set Cuba Latino (L) 4X35 ML

    EDP 35 ML (Copacabana, Carnaval, Cactus, Maya) 48 pcs/bx


    This fragrance blend of orange blossom, Italian orange, sambac jasmine, honey, vanilla, absolute, and bitter orange. The fresh combination of several types of orange extract creates a memorable citrus fragrance unlike any other scent on the market, making it an ideal choice for women who want something that is trendy yet unique.


    This fragrance combines balanced floral notes of pomegranate orchid, lotus blossom, frosted musk, white amber and green note pink peony. It's an evocative, mature construction that's great for many activities.


    It is floral and fruit scents are combined with lower notes of amber, musk, vanilla and white flowers to create a subtle aroma that is sure to leave an impression.


    The combination of oakmoss, ylang ylang, frozen apple, freesia, jasmine, mimosa, sandalwood and peach nectar comes together nicely to form this signature scent.